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Corona Virus - Our Hours Haven't Changed!

We will remain open until forced to close by government mandate or actual illness


Common Questions

Do you have bud (flower) and dab there?

We generally have around 40 strains of flower available, sold deli-style (weighed right in front of you), and a variety of wax, sugar-wax, budder, etc.  We also have edibles, topicals, hemp--derived CBD (no THC) products, and great head shop for all your paraphernalia needs. PottonMouth is the best choice if you’re looking for a dispensary with wide range of products. Our staff is ready to welcome you into our store and to share with you their knowledge. We also have an extensive selection of incense, gifts, posters, tie--dye apparel, souvenirs and more!

Do you accept debit and/or credit card?

We are sorry to say that we can not accept any credit or debit cards at this time. However, we do have an ATM conveniently located in the store.

What's with the Laughing Head Shoppe?

After selecting our Laughing Head Logo for PottonMouth Retail Cannabis, we decided to carry a wide variety of head shop supplies, and then thought....."Laughing Head" + "Head Shop" = Laughing Head! We offer a wide range of smoke shop accessories: from bangers to pipes, bongs, dab rigs in glass and silicone. You'll find grinders, torches, rolling papers and blunts. We even have vape pens and refillable cartridges!

Do you have any specials or discounts?

Yes we do!


"Fuck Yeah" Means We Recommend It!

We have Daily 10 percent off "Fuck Yeah" deals, which are items our crew recommends each day. You'll know which items from "Fuck Yeah" tag hanging out in front of the product.  

Daily Deals

Monday Munchies - 10% off edibles, 20% off snacks,10% off tinctures

Tuesday Tinctures & Tie-Dyes - 10% off tinctures, 20% off tie dyes

Wax Wednesday - 10% off extracts (wax/shatter/oil-carts)

Thrifty Thursday - Get 10% off all deli flower, any weight

F'kit Friday - Get 10% off all deli flower, and awesome ounce deals

Shatterday - 10% off wax/honeycomb/shatter/sauce

Sunday -  Ya never check out our Blog and Instagram or Facebook

Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program rewards repeat customers for shopping with PottonMouth. Build up points based on how much you spend. Then credit back toward your next purchase.  Ask about the Loyalty Rewards Program at PottonMouth Retail Cannabis!  

Is there a question that you couldn’t find an answer to?

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