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Attention:  Our store phone number has changed!


Retail Cannabis

Our goal is to provide a fulfilling shopping experience by having a wide range of products available at very low or competitive prices.  We keep up to around 30 strains of flower available, new selections weekly, and sold deli-style (weighed right in front of you). We also have a variety of: extracts, vape edibles, topicals, and hemp-derived CBD (no THC) products.

Visit The Laughing Head Shop for all your paraphernalia needs.

Laughing Head Shop

Partnered with PottonMouth, the Laughing Head provides a wide range of smoke shop accessories: bangers, pipes, bongs, dab rigs (in glass and silicone), grinders, torches, rolling papers, blunts, vape pens, and more!

We also have an extensive selection of incense, gifts, posters, tie-dye apparel, and souvenirs.

Better Sales.... New Products!

PottonMouth is constantly expanding product lines to maintain variety at the lowest possible prices.  Visit us frequently to keep up!

$35-Ounce Flower, Every Day!

Now for F’kit Friday and Funday Sunday, you can buy any ounce of flower and get 40% off! *

Clones – Usually available starting in early March through May, and possibly into June.


Get Ounces of Flower for as low as $35 every day.

Monday Munchies - 15% off edibles, 20% off snacks,10% off tinctures
Tuesday Tinctures & Tie-Dyes - 10% off tinctures, 20% off tie dyes
Wax Wednesday - 15% off extracts (wax/shatter/oil-carts)
Thrifty Thursday - 15% Off Paraphernalia
F'kit Friday - Get 15% off all deli flower and 40%-Off any ounce!
Shatterday - 15% off wax/honeycomb/shatter/sauce/carts
Sunday - New! Get 15% off all deli flower / 40%-Off on Ounces!

LOYALTY PROGRAM – Our loyalty program rewards repeat customers for shopping with PottonMouth. Build up points based on how much you spend. Then credit back toward any non-cannabis purchase. Ask about the Loyalty Rewards Program at PottonMouth Retail Cannabis!

Do you accept debit and/or credit card?

We are sorry to say that we cannot accept any credit or debit cards at this time. However, we do have an ATM conveniently located in the store.

Do I need a photo ID?

Yes, you will need to be 21 or older and bring an acceptable form of ID as follows:

Under Oregon Law only the following forms of identification are acceptable alone as proof of age when purchasing or acquiring marijuana* items:
1. An unexpired and unaltered U.S. state or District of Columbia driver license.
2. An unexpired and unaltered identification card issued by a U.S. state, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, United States Virgin Islands, or American Samoa, with photo, name, date of birth, and physical description.
3. An unexpired and unaltered ID card issued by a federally recognized Indian tribe with photo, name, and date of birth.
4. An unexpired and unaltered passport or passport card.
5. An unexpired and unaltered U.S. military ID card.
6. An unexpired and unaltered NEXUS or SENTRI card.

* A marijuana retailer may require ID from a person in addition to what is listed above
only if the ID is the person’s registry identification card as defined in ORS 475B.791.

For more info, see: https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/docs/publications/Acceptable_ID_Marijuana_English.pdf

Have more questions?

Contact us by giving us a call. Queries by vendors can do the same.

Do you deliver?

Not to remote locations at this time.  But you can still order online for curbside delivery or in-store pickup.  Just click the online ordering button at the top right of this page.